Re-Shape Your Body - NOW!

DO YOU HAVE STUBBORN FATTY AREAS THAT YOU CANNOT SHIFT? Laser LipO is a non-invasive and safe procedure to target and reduce stubborn areas that, so far, have not responded to exercise.

Our dual wavelength equipment also works to improve the appearance of STRETCH-MARKS, CELLULITE and SCAR TISSUE by rejuvenating the skin and stimulating the production of collagen.

There is NO DOWN TIME and the procedure is PAIN FREE - you simply lie and RELAX!

"Hello I'm Amy and I am Amelia Closets resident Laser LipO Therapist.

There are various machines on the Market and in the Press. Some can help to break down the fatty areas by freezing, ultrasound or Laser. Others reduce cellulite and scar tissue and some a combination of both.

Ultimately the aim, in short, is to break down those stubborn areas by releasing the fat and then to encourage your body to burn this as energy.

I use a technique called Laser Lipolysis (Laser Lipo). I have been using this procedure for a little over 3 years now to help Ladies and Gentlemen work on those stubborn areas of their bodies that trouble them and can often reduce confidence and self- esteem.

The equipment that I use is Dual Frequency and this enables me to work on Cellulite Reduction and Scar Tissue in addition to Fat Reduction. I can also offer you complimentary use of the Vibration Plates at Amelias Closet for the duration of your course.*

The results have been both phenomenal and highly rewarding and on average my clients lose between 1.5cm and 3cms in 1 session* 

Popular Areas Of Application Are:-
- Stomach
- Hips
- Upper/Lower Back Fat
- Arms
- Above Knee Area
- Thighs/Inner Thighs
- Chin
- Male Breasts
I do not work on the female breasts or the upper facial area.

You will, initially, book a Consultation and Trial session. This will enable us to discuss your requirements, for me to check for any health contraindications, for you to ask questions and for me to recommend a plan of action.

The Consultation and Trial session will take between 60- 75 mins* and this includes a 15 minute post treatment Vibration Plate session to increase metabolism.

I do ask that the appointment be paid at the time of booking. You can pay over the phone, online via our website or in-store. Your appointment is subject to a 48 hr notice cancellation policy.

Please click on the tabs to the left and you will find a little more about the Treatment, The Science, Suitability and the important Cost. There is also a separate tab that explains how the Vibration Plate works.

I look forward to meeting you and getting you on track to re-shaping your Body"




"I wanted to lose some weight and tone up on my stomach and thighs, to make myself feel good in a swimsuit for my Italian holiday. I felt a bit silly asking about Laser Lipo - a woman of my age, nearly 65, but speaking to Amy and her colleagues made me feel at ease straight away. After eight treatments on the Laser Lipo, I had a Detox Body Wrap - which made me feel fantastic! Inches had just disappeared! I would recommend this treatment to anybody. If like me you do not feel confident about the way you look please go and see Amy, she will make you feel and look the way you want to." - Monica 

"I first went along to Amelias Closet in Kings Hill 6 weeks ago.
I had read about Laser Lipo and was rather sceptical as to whether I would see any difference. My scepticism soon changed as with a course of Laser Lipo and Vibration Plates. I have now lost that first magic stone! I have never been hungry and never felt so well in a long time. Amy, my Consultant and Mentor has been such a big support and the ladies in Amelias Closet are just so welcoming and friendly - I could not have achieved it without them!"  - Eileen