We EXTEND and provide VOLUME in various LENGTHS, CURLS & SHADES.

We use quality products and ALWAYS patch test to ensure your safety at least 48 hrs prior to application.

Lashes are attached to your own eyelash and longetivity of your natural lash is around 5 weeks depending on age, so during this time as your natural lashes shed so will the extended lash.

A maintenance appointment is required in 2 OR 3 weeks to replace any loose or missing lashes. 
Or alternatively you may prefer a fresh set.


GLAMOUR SET £65.00   1hr 15 minutes
A set of thicker lashes using 0.15 - 0.25 mm lashes
Available in various lengths, curls and shades

NATURAL SET £45.00  1hr
A set of finer lashes using 0.07 - 0.15 mm lashes
Available in various lengths, curls and colours available
Black, Dark Brown
& Light Brown 

RUSSIAN LASHES £70.00 1hr 30 mins
(Also known as 5D/6D/7D & Butterfly Lashes)
A set of lashes made up of the finest 0.05 mm lashes.
5-7 lashes are expertly attached to one natural lash.

2 WEEKLY MAINTENANCE  £25.00 per 30 mins
3 WEEKLY MAINTENANCE  £30.00 per 30 mins
REMOVAL TO REPLACE      Complimentary
REMOVAL & CLEANSE       £ 6.00 25 mins




EXPRESS LASHES  £35.00  40 mins

This very popular application are individual lashes of any length and curl designed for one time wear of approx. 2 weeks and are not infilled.


All of our lashes can be removed for a small charge of £6 or you can have them removed
(no charge), eyes and natural lashes would then be cleansed and a fresh set applied

We do not maintain or remove another establishments work.